Death Punkin-5000
An original pumpkin sculpted by Jeff Death.

Vision holes are cut in the upper part of the eye socket.. Wearable masks also have breathing holes cut, and are cut up the back.

Display copies have no breathing or vision holes and are not cut up the back. Display copies cannot be worn. Display copies can be easily put onto a manikin if it is cut up the back. We do not offer foam filling of display copies.

This item is hand-made in the USA by the owner, Jeff Death. It is covered by our guarantee. If it is unsatisfactory for any reason you can return it within 7 days for a full credit or refund (minus shipping).

Due to it's larger size, additional shipping may be required, depending upon where you live.

Wearable Mask   $95.00
Display copy (no vision or breathing holes)   $95.00