Some people are getting security warnings about our site. Our site IS secure. A couple of the browsers recently changed their protocol to where they expect a higher level of encryption. Our site does encrypt all orders, just not to the newer levels that the browsers would like. I have used this encryption for years, and have never had a problem. If you change to a different browser, you should have no problem. If you'd like to place a phone order, please call me at 219-362-4321 from 1pm to 7 pm, or 12 am to 6 am central time, 7 days a week.

New for 2020! Psycho Blaster and Troll sculpts by Jeff Death, Diabolical by Jordu Schell and a re-release of Ancient Death. Because of the late release, I will have limited copies for pre-Halloween delivery. NONE of this year's plans went as expected. I have have more new stuff MUCH earlier next year.



If you'd like to know more about Death Studios, pick up the current issue of Horrorhound Magazine (#79). Kevin Turner wrote a very nice article on the 40 year history of Death Studios. Thanks also go to Mike Guidone of  Monkeybones and Aaron Crowell.

Shipping Changes!!!    Please note!!

 Due to the US Postal Service now using "dimensional weight" rates, I will be using slightly smaller boxes for some masks. A bit cramped, but not damaging to the mask. Healer, Overlord, etc will have the lower neck "bib" area folded up to fit, but they will snap back to shape easily.  Boxes for multiple masks will no longer be discounted. If you order a larger mask (  Prince Of Darkness, Cerebus, etc) or several masks at one time I will get a shipping quote and let you know via e-mail or phone before the card is charged for your approval IF the amount would be more than originally stated at checkout.  The larger boxes are more expensive, and the further away you are from our location will add cost. MOST masks will not be effected. We never charge your card until the item is ready to be shipped.






All of the masks ordered directly through this website are personally cast, trimmed, and airbrushed by the owner, Jeff Death. All of our products are satisfaction guarantied. If you do not like it for any reason you may return it for a full refund or credit (minus postage).


We do NOT charge your credit card until your item is ready to be shipped. When you submit the order form, you will get a confirmation page with confirmation number. Our webpage has a flaw, so automatic emails are not sent.  If you get the  confirmation page, we DID receive your order. If you submit the same order more than once, we will not send you multiple masks.


We DO ship anywhere in the world.  Fill out and submit the order form, then we will calculate international shipping charges and email you for approval. Larger heavier masks may be quite pricey to ship. If the shipping charges are to high for you, we will cancel the order.


We started an In-Stock section so that people could see which items are in stock for quickest shipping. If the mask that you want is not on the list, please order it and we will make one up for you asap. We make the masks here in our studio.


If you do have a question, it is fastest to call 219-362-4321 between 12a.m.and 6a.m. or 1p.m. and 7pm. I am in the studio at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have emailed with a question, please forgive the lateness of the reply. I do not get time to get online very often.If a question is important, please call. There is a phone next to my airbrush so I can answer any and all questions while working.

If you receive an error message when submittimg the order form, it may be because of something put in the "special instructions" box of the order form. If that happens, please resubmit the order form and call us with the special instuctions.If you get a confirmation page after submitting, your order went through. For some reason the website has stopped sending confirmation emails.


Jeff Death

Pic Of The Week 9/21

Another great pic from Pat Campbell